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    About Aomori Prefecture

    Aomori is the northernmost prefecture of Japan’s Honshu island, with its prefectural capital in Aomori city.

    While the rate of food self-sufficiency in Japan as a nation has decreased to 38% (as of 2017), Aomori has maintained a high sufficiency rate of over 120%. It has achieved a well-balanced status in production of a wide range of products such as rice, vegetables, fruits, livestock, and fishery. Aomori is one of the largest agricultural and fishery producers both in yield and value.

    Aomori is home to a rich natural environment producing fresh top-quality produce. In addition, Aomori has distinct food cultures that have developed and continue to evolve within its many local regions, each deeply rooted to the climate and tradition of the area.
    5 products
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