Get Your Pari Pari (パリパリ) Dumplings, Korokke and Shumai Today!

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    Get That Crispy Goodness with this 20% OFF sale on Dumplings, Korokke and Shumai

    Who can resist the irresistible charm of pari pari (パリパリ) dumplings, saku saku (サクサク) crispy korokkes (croquette), and succulent Shumai, and now you can indulge with a golden 20% off 😋

    Did you know?: These universally adored delicacies of Dumplings, Korokkes, and Shumai have garnered a dedicated fan base worldwide, inspiring various adaptations with different names and subtle twists. In Korea, you'll encounter 'Mandu,' while in China, you'll savour a style of dumpling known as 'Jiaozi' 🥟 Shumai, with their delicate wrappers and flavorful fillings, add an extra layer of culinary delight to the mix.

    Whether you savour Dumplings, Korokke or Shumai, you can relish the finest food at JFC with our enticing 20% off sale 🎌

    Sale ends 20/03/2024. While stocks last.

    20 products
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