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    Who can resist the allure of kari kari (カリカリ) Gyozas and Korokkes?

    The pan-fried delight of gyozas is a symphony of juiciness and tenderness, and you can have now for a golden 20% off 😋

    The universally liked foods of Gyozas and Korokkes are such a fan favourite, many countries around the world have created their own versions, with different names and slight variations. Like in Korea, you'll find 'Mandu' while in China you will find a style of dumpling called 'Jiaozi' 🥟

    Whether you like Yaki-Gyozas (Pan-Fried Gyoza), Age-Gyoza (Deep-Fried Gyoza) or you're more of a saku saku ( サクサク) Korokke kind of person, you can buy the best Gyoza and Korokke at JFC with our 20% off sale 🎌


    Sale ends 22/11/2023. While Stocks Last.

    18 products
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