JFC's Fry and Stop Me! 20% OFF Deep Fried Sale

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    Deep fried is about to be the focus of your life with 20% off deep fried products at JFC 🍤nom, nom, nom.

    Whether you like the kari-kari (カリカリ) goodness of ebi (エビ), korokke (コロッケ) or takoyaki (たこ焼き), cart out your favourite Japanese fried food agemono (揚げ物) at 20% off .🍳 I

    f you prefer to eat fried foods as-is or prefer to add something extra to your favourite Japanese dishes, enjoy all the deep-fried ready-made goodness or make your own at home.😋

    Happy Eating 食事を楽しもう!

    Sale Ends 10/01/2024. While Stocks Last.

    52 products
    Yasai Kakiage 540g
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