JFC's Let's Meat Up For Yakiniku Day 20% Off Sale

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    🥢🥩JFC's Lets Meat Up For Yakiniku Day 20% Off Sale 🥩🥢
    The 29th of August is "Yakiniku Day (焼肉)" in Japan. Established in 1993 by the National Yakiniku Association (JY), the date is a play on words, as the numbers 8 (ya), 2 (ni), and 9 (ku) can be read as "yakiniku.".

    In Japan, Yakiniku is a style of cooking where diners grill small pieces of meat on a tabletop grill and eat them with delicious sauces and side dishes. In addition, other foods such as vegetables and gyoza can also be added for a fully satisfying experience.

    Order meat perfect for grilling and special Yakiniku sauces for your platters at JFC.

    Happy Yakiniku Day! 召し上がれ!
    Sale ends 06-09-2023. While stocks last.

    17 products
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