It's A JFC School Holiday Snack-tacular 20% OFF Sale

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    ⛱️☀️ JFC is having a 20% OFF sale on school holiday snacks ☀️⛱️

    When it comes to your favourite school holiday snacks, you won't have a Kuchisabishii (口寂しい) with this sale. Whether your planning snacks for a beach day or just for a day inside to escape the heat, JFC has a wide range of Japanese snacks for the school holidays 🏖️

    Whether you like okashi (お菓子), kukkis (クッキー) or poteto chippusu (ポテトチップス), we like to say "to each of their own" jyuu nin to iro (十人十色) to snacks so you can have the most fun these school holidays!

    Let's play! (みんなで太陽の下で楽しもう!) 🪁
    Sale ends 10/01/2024. While Stocks Last.

    32 products
    Aka Daifuku 110g
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