A Slice of Heaven: 20% Bread and Cake At JFC

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    Doughn't Miss Our 20% OFF Bread and Cake Sale!

    JFC is having a 20% discount on authentic Japanese bread and cake favourites like Shakupan (食パン) and Mochi (餅) 🍞

    Did you know❓

    Japan's love for bread began in the Meiji era (明治), when western influences rolled in. Today, Japanese bakeries (日本のベーカリー) are a treasure trove of delicious delights, offering a tantalising array of options to satisfy every craving and taste bud. Whether you're a fan of fluffy shokupan (食パン), Kitagawa doughnuts (北川ドーナツ), Daifuku cakes (大福), taiyaki (たい焼き) or adventurous with matcha-infused creations (抹茶ケーキ), there's a slice for everyone 🍰

    Please enjoy the shuwa shuwa goodness with our 20% OFF sale, after all, life is what you bake of it 😉🧁


    Sale ends 05/06/2024. While stocks last.


    10 products
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