JFC Celebrates The Nagano Fair with 20% OFF Selected Items

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    Have you ever been to the "Roof of Japan"?

    It is easy to see why the Nagano Prefecture is known as the "roof" when you see the high mountainous snow kissed alps that surround it. Completely landlocked, the Nagano Prefecture is also known for its pure water, crisp air, and amazing produce.

    The region offers mouthwatering (ずるずる) miso, crisp (しゃきしゃき) seaweed (nori) and delicious (美味し) tofu that are staples in any Japanese kitchen.

    As we celebrate the annual Nagano Fair this year, We wish for you to enjoy the earth grown delights that Japan has to offer from this wonderful, heavenly region. Enjoy a 20% discount, on selected Nagano prefecture sourced items while you feast with family and loved ones.

    Happy Eating 食事を楽しもう!

    Sale ends 06/12/2023. While stocks last.

    11 products
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