Don't Miso-ut on JFC's Miso Soup 20% Off Sale

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    πŸ₯£πŸ²Don't Miso-ut on JFC's Miso Soup 20% Off Sale🍲πŸ₯£

    Did you know? Miso soup is a traditional dish that was consumed daily by the samurai's during the Kamakura period (ιŽŒε€‰ζ™‚δ»£) (1185 - 1333) and is a staple broth side dish for Japanese dining today! It is perfect as a snack or a as pick me up on a cold day, all while being highly nutritious and healthy too!

    You can make your own at home or try one of our instant sachets (ε‘³ε™Œζ±ε³) products. Throw in extra ingredients like shiitake mushrooms (怎茸), wakame seaweed (わかめ・θ‹₯εΈƒ), or fried tofu (ζšγ’ε‡Ίγ—θ±†θ…) and make it even more tofu-lly umami (ζ—¨ε‘³) to complete your meal.

    Dash-i to JFC now!

    Sale ends 20-09-2023. While stocks last.

    38 products
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