A One-Pot Wonder (鍋料理): 20% Off Hot Pot Ingredients!

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    What's for dinner this Winter (夕食は何)! Is it hot pot (鍋物) or oden (おでん)? 🥘

    JFC is having a 20% OFF sale on hot pot (鍋物) and oden (おでん) nabemono ingredients to keep you warm this winter.❄️🥶

    Did you know? Most records date the first form of oden (おでん) back to the Muromachi period (室町時代, 1336-1573) when grilled tofu (焼き豆腐) was served with a serving of miso (味噌) paste. Thanks to their resemblance to dengaku-hoshi (田楽法師), professional dengaku entertainers who used sticks to perform, this dish came to be known as “dengaku”. 🍲😋

    Whether you feel uzu-uzu (ウズウズ) for rich, shabu-shabu (しゃぶしゃぶ) flavours of hot pot or the comforting hoka-hoka (ホカホカ) of umami (旨味) oden (おでん), JFC has everything you need to create a delicious (おいしい) and warming meal.🎌😊 

    Sale ends 10/07/2024. While stocks last. 

    44 products
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