JFC's Japanese Curry and Rice Day 20% OFF Sale

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    馃崨 New monthly sale! 馃崨

    Introducing JFC's Japanese Curry and Rice Day Every 3rd Friday at JFC Online!

    Dive into the captivating tale of Japanese Curry and Rice!

    During Japan's Meiji Restoration(鏄庢不缍柊), British sailors, caught in a storm, brought curry powder to Japan's shores. The Japanese navy, seeking an affordable and filling meal, embraced curry, making it a menu staple. With ingenuity, William S. Clark suggested adding potatoes(銇樸們銇岃妺) during a rice shortage, enriching the dish with flavor and texture.

    Today, Japanese Curry and Rice(銈儸銉笺儵銈ゃ偣) symbolises resilience and cultural fusion, inviting you to savor its rich history and comforting warmth.

    Experience the magic of Japanese Curry and Rice鈥攚here every bite is a journey!

    Share the spiciness with your friends, family, or whoever you want! Order now on JFC Online and spice up your life with the irresistible flavors of Japanese Curry!

    This sale is only for 3days. While stocks last!

    14 products
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