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    Enjoy not only the taste of Japan (日本の味), but the taste of a 20% OFF sale!

    Did you ever wonder why your home cooked Japanese dishes never taste the same as in the restaurant? That's because in Japan, there is a signature method for adding seasonings and condiments that create that heavenly taste. By adding your 5 signature tastes (五味) in a specific order and in a specific way, you create a harmony of flavours that is simply satisfying and unique to Japanese culture. Known as Sa (さ) for sugar (さとう), Shi (し) for salt (しお), Su (す) for vinegar (す), Se (せ) for soy sauce (せうゆ) and So (そ) for miso (みそ), these letters make up the 5 basic ingredients for Japanese cooking.

    Get the perfect gomi (五味) with your sa (Satou), shi (塩 Shio), su (酢 Su), se (Shouyu), and so (味噌 Miso), to savour (あじわう) the Japanese dining experience right in the comfort of your own home.

    With popular condiments and seasonings on sale from Kikkoman, Marukome and Hakata, get the perfect Japanese signature taste (シグネチャーテイスト) with a sweet 20% OFF sale!

    Happy Cooking! (ハッピー・クッキング!)

    Sale ends 06/03/2024. While stocks last.

    55 products
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