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    Spill the tea with this 20% OFF Tea Sale 🍵🧋

    Did you know? In the old days, a Tea Master, Geisha or Maiko, would perform the ceremony by brewing matcha tea a certain way with bamboo instruments and ancient pottery. 🫖

    This ceremony is called chanoyu (茶の湯), literally translating to "
    hot water for tea" or sado (茶道) "the way of tea". Japanese tea ceremony hosts use very special tools called dogu (道具) used to serve varieties of thick or thin tea stored in chaire (茶入) or natsume (棗).

    🍵👘 In the formal ceremony, the Geisha entertains her guests with skilled artistic techniques and once the water was boiled in the kama (釜) kettle, it's added by a hishaku (柄杓) ladle to the chawan (茶碗) tea bowl along with freshly ground matcha tea powder via chashaku (茶杓) a special long elongated tea scoop. The tea is then mixed with a chasen (茶筅) bamboo whisk while it brews. Once the tea was brewed and served, the tea pourer offered sweet treats like dango and brown sugar cakes on a kaishi (懐紙) paper napkin, and the Geisha would then perform a fan dance, play the shamisen, or sing a traditional song. 🍡

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    Sale ends 26/06/2024. While stocks last.

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