Enjoy The Burst Of Flavours With JFC's UHA Puchao Sale!

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    Burst with excitement and flavour with our whopping 30% OFF UHA Puchao Sale!

    UHA Puchao is the all time favourite Japanese treat to give you that classic candy sugar rush (シュガーラッシュ)🍭

    Feel the chewy candy shuwa shuwa (しゅわしゅわ) in your mouth! Whether you prefer Mango (マンゴー), Grape (ブドウ), Ramune (ラムネ), or Cola (コーラ) - enjoy the gummy'n sweetness of UHA Puchao with a sweet 30% OFF sale! 🍬

    Happy Snacking! いただきます!😍 😛

    Sale ends 21/02/2024. While Stocks Last.
    7 products
    PUCHAO Cola 50g
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