Puchao Perfection - 30% Off at JFC!

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    It's time to burst that bubble! Our incredible 30% OFF UHA Puchao Sale is back on! 🍭

    Dive into the sugary world of UHA Puchao, Japan's beloved candy that delivers a classic sugar rush every time (シュガーラッシュ)! Experience the delightful shuwa shuwa (しゅわしゅわ) sensation as the chewy candy fizzes in your mouth! 🌟

    Choose your favourite flavour from Mango (マンゴー), Grape (ブドウ), Ramune (ラムネ), or Cola (コーラ), and savour the irresistible gummy sweetness of UHA Puchao at a fantastic 30% discount! 🍇🥭🍾🥤

    Indulge in happy snacking and say "いただきます!" with each bite! 😍😛

    Sale ends on 15/05/2024. While stocks last.

    7 products
    PUCHAO Cola 50g
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