JFC's Mizkan The Natto-ral Choice For You!

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    Mizkan At JFC: The Gift That Keeps On Giving 😋

    If your JFC order contains any selected Mizkan product, you'll receive a FREE Mizkan Sushi Vinegar Powder 🍣

    Did you know? Mizkan was founded over 200 years ago by Matazaemon Nakano, who started by producing rice vinegar (米酢) using byproducts from the production of sake (日本酒) 🍶

    Whether you prefer nutty natto, vinegar or traditional Asian sauces for your dishes, this Mizkan sale is sure to complement all your favourite Japanese dishes 🉐🍱

    Happy Eating 食事を楽しもう!

    Sale ends 07/02/2024. While stocks last.

    7 products
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