JFC's Get Hooked Seafood 20% OFF Sale!

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    🦐🐟🪝JFC's Get Hooked Seafood 20% OFF Sale🪝🐟🦐
    Celebrate the heritage of Japan's long standing fishing industry and enjoy a selection of seafood and fish items for your classic Japanese food favourites.

    Get hooked again on your favourite Sushi varieties Sashimi 刺身, Nigiri 握り, Oshizushi 押し寿司 and Temaki 手巻き寿司. Or try your hand at some more iconic Japanese recipes like Saba Misoni サバの味噌煮 Nanbanzuke 南蛮漬け, Kakiage かき揚げ, Ikayaki イカ焼き, Kaisendon 海鮮丼 or Yosenabe 寄せ鍋.

    Happy Cooking いただきます!
    Sale ends 30-08-2023, while stocks last.
    43 products
    Ebi Gyoza 25g 1kg
    Muki Ebi 1kg
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