JFC's Natto-rious Wake-up Call! 20% OFF Brekkie Sale

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    Indulge in the flavours of Japan right from your kitchen. Treat your body like a temple and enjoy some savoury tamagoyaki (玉子焼き) or some nutty (ねばねば) natto (納豆) to start your morning off the healthy way! 🍚

    At JFC, we offer products that provide a nutritionally balanced morning meal, so you can eat like an emperor. Whether you're a fan of traditional Japanese breakfasts or looking for something new to try, our 20% off deal is the perfect opportunity to explore and enjoy. 🌅

    Happy Breakfast! (ハッピー・ブレックファスト!)

    Sale ends 17/01/2024. While stocks last.

    50 products
    Shibazuke 130g
    WP Ao Kappa 130g
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