Itsumo Kansha Shiteimasu for a JFC Mothers Day Sale

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    母の日 (Haha No Hi) is here with a 20% OFF sale that's as sweet as mum!

    Being a mum is a great responsibility, and at times, can be hard work! The Japanese parenting style is known for its deep honour, embodying the values of gratitude, respect, and familial harmony. It is held to high moral standards and discipline, because mums know your journey begins with a safe and loving home.

    Show your mum just how much she means to you by showering her with the most scrumptious treats imaginable. From delectable chocolate goodies (チョコレート菓子) to sappari (さっぱり) ice cream (アイスクリーム) and saku saku (さくさく) cookies (クッキー), we've got everything you need to make her day extra special.

    Tip toe over and pick out the perfect treats to make your mum's heart sing with joy! After all, she's the queen of our hearts, and she deserves all the sweetness in the world! 🌸💖

    Sale ends 08/05/2024. While stocks last.

    55 products
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