JFC's Otafuku Fair - Takoyaki Day Free Gift Promotion

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    🍢🍡 JFC's Otafuku Fair Celebrates Takoyaki Day with an Exclusive Gift 🍡🍢

    Purchase the Otafuku brand Takoyaki Sauce or Takoyaki Ko Flour to receive a free, novelty Takoyaki Eraser. Or purchase both the Takoyaki Sauce & Takoyaki Ko Flour to receive a free novelty Takoyaki Eraser AND Skewer/Pick.

    Takoyaki Day, celebrated on August 8th in Japan, honours the iconic street food Takoyaki, the undeniably delicious octopus-filled crispy yet savory balls. On this day Takoyaki can be found on street corner markets as well as local festivals in Japan. It is a symbol of everything lovable about Japanese Street Food and its power to bring people together, all in the name of great food.

    Make your own Takoyaki crispy balls at home with Otafuku's Okonomi Takoyaki product range, and other seasonings from our collection.

    While Stocks Last.
    Happy Eating 食事を楽しもう!

    6 products
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