It's Throwing Time! 20% OFF For Setsubun

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    Setsubun (節分) is almost here!

    We've got you covered for the Risshun (立春) with a 20% OFF sale 👹

    Prepare for Mamemaki (豆まき) by buying some Kasugai products to throw (投げる). Whether your children prefer Peach, Kiwi, Lychee or Mango gummies, they will absolutely have the energy throw soy means to prepare for Risshun (立春) and get rid of the Oni! 🌸

    This Setsubun, make sure you eat your Ehomaki sushi rolls (without talking!) and stock up on your favourite products 😋

    鬼は外!福は内! We wish you lots of fun with your children and family on this day.

    Sale ends 31/01/2024. While Stocks Last.

    29 products
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