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    Love is in the Air! Smell all the roses (バラ) and sweet (甘い) things!

    Whether you are you shopping for Valentines Day (バレンタインデー) or for White Day (ホワイトデー) Either way, it's the season of love at JFC with this 20% OFF Valentines Day Sale🍫 💕

    Why not grab yourself some Tomo Choco (友チョコ) for your friends or the best gift of all, Jibun-choco (自分チョコ), you deserve it😍

    Get your spouse the perfect purezento (プレゼント) with options of chocolate (チョコレート), sweets (キャンディー), Hair and beauty products, perfumes (香水), or some fun drinks to make their hearts go doki doki (ドキドキ). Or be bold (告白) and gift your crush the perfect Onmei Choco (本命チョコ) with that special Tegami (ラブレター). Steal their hearts this year with this deal that will love (愛する) you forever and ever 😘

    If you were thinking about someone while reading this, you are definitely in love (これを読んでいる時に誰かの事を考えているなら、あなたは恋に落ちているに違いない) ❤️

    Happy Valentines Day (ハピーバレンタインデイ) 🥰

    Sale Ends 14/02/2024. While Stocks Last.

    33 products
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