You Matcha So Much To Me: 20% OFF Matcha At JFC!

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    It's time for a re-matcha at JFC, enjoy the return of our 20% OFF Matcha Sale 🍵

    This bitter yet loveable powder can be used for so many foods such as Matcha Mochi (抹茶餅), Matcha Tea Marshmallow Crispy Treats (抹茶マシュマロクリスピートリート) and Matcha Pound Cake (抹茶パウンドケーキ)💚

    Did you know? The matcha tea we know today only came into existence when tea farmers accidentally invented Oishita cultivation (大下栽培), which means it is shade-grown. The process created a powdered green tea (ティー) with a vibrant green (グリーン) colour and a richer taste (and was created by accident!) 🌿

    Whether you prefer to drink or eat your matcha, there's something for everyone with this 20% OFF matcha sale 🥰

    Sale ends 29/05/2024. While stocks last
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