It's Soba Sale Time! 20% OFF Noodles With JFC

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    This 20% OFF Sale Is Ramen-t For You!

    JFC is having a 20% OFF sale on selected Noodle products 🍜

    Did You Know? Noodles were first discovered in Japan around 800 A.D. during the Heian period ((平安時代). It was adopted from China and often used daily because of their flexibility 🉐

    A fan favourite around the world, get yourself some ずるずる (zuru zuru) Ramen (ラーメン), Udon (うどん) and Soba (そば). Whether you prefer them wet, dry or drowned in Miso (みそ), Shio (塩), Shoyu (しょゆう) slurp up the noodle goodness with this 20% OFF sale 🥢-

    Sale ends 20/03/2024. While stocks last.


    43 products
    JB Chukamen 720g
    JB Chasoba 640g
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