Rise & Shine with UCC's Premium Brews

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    ☕️☀️Rise & Shine with UCC's Premium Brews☀️☕️
    Surely, there are some days where you'd be rushing out of the house without your daily dose of homemade caffeinated beverage. Why not stock up on UCC's famous cold brewed drinks? Just grab your caffeine dose and go! 🏃 As the scorching Summer days are approaching fast, a cold brew might just hit the spot. 🧊
    Established in 1933, UCC is a Japanese beverage brand, which houses products from black and milk coffee to tea, and even sugarless options. Did you also know that UCC launched the world's first canned coffee beverage in 1969? ☕ How convenient is that!
    Grab your dose of Japanese cold brewed coffee at JFC now! コーヒを飲みましょう!
    Sale ends 25-10-23. While stocks last.
    8 products
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