Sweeten The School Holidays with JFC's 20% OFF Confectionary Sale

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    It's time to satisfy that Kuchisabishii (口寂しい) and add some sugar to your waku-waku (わくわく) school free spirit with JFC's Kuishinbou (くいしんぼう) 20% OFF on all confectionaries! 📚🍭 

    Have you shitazutsumi wo utsu lately (したつづみをうつ)? Step into a world of delicious treats (おいしいおかし) that make every day off school a little sweeter. From classic chocolates (チョコレート) to fruity gummies (フルーツグミ), give yourself a delightful energy boost (げんき)! 🎮🌟

    Don't miss out on your favourite sweet brands (あまいものずき) like Kitagawa (北川), Imuraya (井村屋) and Meiji (明治ブランド), at a fabulous 20% discount! Snack happily and say "いただきます!" with every bite! 🫦😋

    Sale ends on 17/07/2024. While stocks last.

    53 products
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