🍜🎆 Gimme One Sec To Soba Up: JFC's New Years 20% OFF Sale 🎆 🍜

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    Welcome the New Year with traditional Japanese delights! (お正月を伝統的な日本の味でお祝いしましょう!)🍜 🤤 

    JFC is having a 20% off sale to ring 🔔 in the 2024 new year! (良いお年を) 🎉

    Did you know? Every year at the stroke of midnight on New Year’s Eve, Buddhist temples all over Japan celebrate joya no kane (除夜の鐘), where they ring their Bonshō (梵鐘) temple bells 108 times. This number represents the number of human desires, which according to the Buddhist faith, lead to pain and suffering. The act of Joya no kane drives away these negative emotions from the past year, and is an honoured tradition of modern Japan every year.

    Whether you want some "year crossing soba" (年越しそば/としこしそば) or kuromame (黒豆), enjoy the first sunrise (初日の出/はつひので) of 2024 with good spirits and slurp satisfaction! 🥳

    Sale ends 27/12/2023. While Stocks Last.

    39 products
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