Spring School Holiday 20% Off Snack Sale

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    πŸ“šπŸŒΈ Spring School Holiday 20% Off Snacks Sale is here! πŸŒΈπŸ“š

    When it comes to ideal school holidays we like to say "to each of their own" jyuu nin to iro (十人十色). Whether you're planning snacks for the road or just filling that "lonely mouth" kuchisabishii (口寂しい) and binge-watching in front of the TV, JFC has a wide range of tasty Japanese snacks, perfect for your holiday needs!

    Ranging from dorayakis to chewy gummies, or even cool refreshing ice creams and daifukus to have at the park. Or why not try a Popin' Cookin' set with your kids this school holiday as well? A fun activity for the whole family.

    Order your snacks now while stocks last.

    Sale ends 04-10-2023.

    Let's play! (ιŠγ³γΎγ—γ‚‡γ†!) πŸͺ

    34 products
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