Start The Year Squeaky (きゅっきゅっ) Clean With Our 20% Off Cleaning Sale

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    🫧Prepare for Osoji (大掃除) With JFC's 20% Off Cleaning Sale 🫧

    Being neat and tidy is a way of life in a well kept home, so JFC is offering you 20% off on selected cleaning related items to help prepare your home for 2024 and welcome 'Toshigami' (年神) this New Year 🧽

    Explore our extensive range of Japanese cleaning essentials such as protective masks (防護マスク), soothing aroma diffusers (アロマディフューザー), durable sponges (クリーニングスポンジ), and much more as you prepare for 2024 🧼

    Whether you are Susuharai (すす払い) sweeping away the dust or Seiri (整理整頓) organising your space, wash away the old spirits of 2023 and start 2024 purified with our 20% off sale 🧹

    We wish you a happy cleaning day (大掃除の日をご家族でお過ごしください!)

    Sale ends 27/12/2023. While stocks last.
    5 products
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