Rolling in Savings: 20% Off Sushi Ingredients at JFC!

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    It's time to rice to the occasion with JFC's 20% OFF Sushi and Rice sale 🍣

    Elevate your kitchen game with the ultimate Japanese street food homemade essentials. From zesty wasabi (わさび) and fresh seafood (シーフード), savoury soy sauce (醤油), and crisp nori sheets (のり) —everything you need to master the art of sushi is here! 

    Not into sushi? Don't worry, you can still get your roll on! These ingredients are also perfect for crafting other exquisite Japanese umami dishes 🍱 

    Whether you prefer Onigiri ( おにぎり), Temaki (手巻き寿司), Makizushi (巻き寿司) or you're more of a white rice (白ご飯) kind of person, make the best homemade sushi you can with the freshest Japanese ingredients from JFC 🍚 

    Sale ends 15/05/2024. While stocks last. 
    81 products
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