All You Knead Is JFC's 20% Off Sale On Bread & Cake Products

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    Our 20% sale on our bread and cake products is about to be the loaf of your life!! We are currently having a sale on products like Shakupan (ι£Ÿγƒ‘γƒ³) and Mochi (ι€…) 🍞

    Did you know? Japanese people often eat mochi during the traditional event of Japanese New Year and involves a traditional event known as Mochitsuki (逅぀き), and it involves nothing but pounding rice to make mochi. To get the job done at least two people are required with all sort of mochi making tools such as Usu (traditional mortar), Usudai (usu pedestal), and Kine (wooden mallets) 🍑

    Whether you prefer your baked goods to be toasty (γ“γ‚“γŒγ‚Š) or more fluffy and airy (ちわちわ) or prefer the sweeter stuff in life, we have plenty of options to stuff your pantry that will taste pan-mazing


    Sale ends 08/11/2023. While stocks last.

    9 products
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